Carrickshock provides high quality concrete cutting and core drilling services for projects of all sizes for the civil construction industry throughout Australia for over 20 years.

Road Sawing

Wall Sawing

Ring Sawing

Core Drilling

Environmental Concrete Slurry Control

 Our Services

As a single source for cutting, coring and planing requirements, Carrickshock clients have access to the very latest in cutting technology. Our range of machinery is constantly updated, and this policy ensures the right specialist equipment machine can be on site to complete the following services:


Road Sawing

Carrickshock’s road cutting services utilises the latest machinery technologies, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project


Core Drilling

Carrickshock’s precise core drilling, utilises the latest machinery technologies for clean, accurate holes in concrete and other materials.


Wall Sawing

Carrickshock’s wall sawing service employs advanced machinery technologies for precise, clean cuts in construction and renovation projects


Environmental Concrete Slurry Control

Our environmental concrete slurry control services, ensure sustainable and responsible disposal practices for construction and demolition projects.


Ring Sawing

Cutting-edge ring sawing solutions, utilizing the latest machinery technologies for precise, efficient, and clean cuts in various materials.


Formwork Carpentry

Carrickshock offers expert craftsmanship and innovative solutions for all civil and commercial construction projects.

About Carrickshock

Carrickshock provides high quality cutting services for projects of all sizes for the civil construction industry throughout Australia.

We have been in operation for over 20 years and during this time we have gained extensive experience within the industry.

By combining a wide range of specialist equipment with a proven dedication to safety, efficiency, and innovation, Carrickshock offers a single source for all your cutting requirements.

Continuous investment in training and cutting-edge technology ensures a service that is swift, professional and safe – delivering exceptional results every time.

This is proven by our large returning client base of over 100 clients in the construction industry alone

Jonishan Civil Contracting has engaged the services of Carrickshock for many years, and will continue to do so for many years to come. The crew at Carrickshock pride themselves on top quality workmanship at all times, and always adhere to Safety and Environmental standards and regulations…

John Shannon 0417 293 793

Director, Jonishan Civil Contractors

 Our Clients

 Our Capabilities

Carrickshock has secured a reputation for reliability, consistency and service excellence. Our experience across a full range of projects of all sizes has brought the company to the forefront of the cutting industry.

This is achieved through effective, hands-on management of our skilled, experienced works crews, as well as the implementation of our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality systems and management plans.
Our systems are recognised by independent certification, and are certified to:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety System

We are a fully accredited Sydney Water contractor including all three Regional Delivery Consortia’s (RDCs).

Approved to supply Sawcutting Services to Confluence Water in the North, D4C in the South and WRDT in the West Region.

01 Road & Floor Saws

Blade Diameter range: 450mm–1000mm
Diamond blade max: 1000mm
Cutting Depth max: 500mm

02 Ring Saws

Blade Diameter range: 450mm–1000mm
Diamond blade max: 1000mm
Cutting Depth max: 375mm

03 Hand Saws

Blade Diameter range: 350mm–400mm
Cutting Depth max: 150mm

04 Wall Saw

Blade Diamond Range: 1000mm-2000mm
Cutting Depth Max: 915mm

05 Core Drills

Drill Diameter: 0-800mm

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